Good News! With restrictions lifted, we are reverting to our traditional format for the holiday sessions!


Our holiday sessions are for all ages!


The next holiday clubs will be at Whitsun and will run from 10.30-2.30 p.m. and are scheduled for:


Wednesday 1st June - Places available unless stated here


Friday 3rd June - Places available unless stated here


Sessions will be limited to 16, racing in up to 8 teams of 2. The winning team members will each get a medal.


The only age restriction is that all participants must be 7 to race. Parents are welcome to race too, so long as they have a child racing at that session.


The cost is £20 each for the 4-hour session, including 2 large slices of pizza and a bottle of water for lunch. You are welcome to bring a packed lunch instead, the cost is then reduced to £18.


Chicken strippers are available too for an additional payment of £2 and an extra slice of pizza is £1.


All participants get to race a variety of our cars ranging from our fastest SuperSports cars to minis and sometimes even trucks!


To book places, please e-mail me:


First/last name for each person

Age (Please don’t send the date of birth, it’s just a guide when selecting the teams. For adults, just put adult!

Emergency contact number – even if a parent is racing, we still need this please


Payment is preferred by bank transfer but we can arrange for payment by card, please ask and we will send a payment link. We will also accept cash again now if preferred but please note, if you book and fail to show up, a payment of £18 is still due as we pre-select the teams and it spoils it for other participants.


Paying by card on the day is not a practical option as it takes too long to process everyone!


Don’t forget, our open sessions run every Monday from 6.30-8.30 p.m. too.