Our holiday sessions are for all ages 7+ and parents may race too if their kids are racing!


All sessions run 10:30-14:30


I am sorry but there will not be any holiday club sessions in the half-term period 27th-31st May 




Wednesday 31st July

Friday 2nd August


More dates will be added subject to interest. Please e-mail us to book places or register your interest.


Sessions will normally be limited to 16-20 people, racing in up to 8 teams. The winning team members will each get a medal.


The session is run in 2 parts:


- Team racing, racing a variety of vehicles, the team with the most laps after racing on all the lanes is the winner

- Individual 'crash 'n' burn' races which gives everyone a chance to win!


The only age restriction is that all participants must be 7 to race. Parents are welcome to race too, so long as they have a child racing at that session.


The cost is £20 each for the 4-hour session, including 2 large slices of pizza and a bottle of water for lunch. You are welcome to bring a packed lunch instead, the cost is then reduced to £18.




- Chicken strippers for an additional payment of £3 instead of pizza

- Extra large slices of pizza are £1 each


All participants get to race a variety of our cars ranging from our fastest SuperSports cars to minis, Corvettes, trucks, off-road, Camaros and sometimes F1 too!


To book places, please e-mail me:


First/last name for each person

Age (Please don’t send the date of birth, it’s just a guide when selecting the teams. For adults, just put adult!

Emergency contact number – even if a parent is racing, we still need this please


Payment is preferred by bank transfer, we will send the details a couple of days before.


We can arrange for payment by card, please ask and we will send a payment link. We will also accept cash again now but please note, if you book and fail to show up, a payment of £18 is still due as we pre-select the teams and it spoils the session for other participants.


Paying by card on the day is not a practical option as it takes too long to process everyone but can be done if there is no alternative!


Don’t forget, our open sessions run every Monday from 6.30-8.30 p.m. too with no booking required!