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1. Booking a party or event:

1.1  A booking is only confirmed once a fully completed booking form and the appropriate deposit are received and then confirmed back to you by e-mail by us. The booking form is available on our website for download. Payments may be paid by bank transfer or cash. Payment may also be made by cheque if the party/event is more than 14 days away or via Paypal but there are no discounts foe these methods and PayPal carries a 3.9% surcharge.**.

1.2  A date that is provisionally booked is held as a courtesy for up to 3 working days but this is not confirmed until point 1.1 is satisfied. Customers have the option to hand deliver forms/payments but we cannot accept any responsibility for forms and deposits that are lost in the post.

1.3  Any outstanding payments for your event, I.e. medals etc. are payable on the day of the event unless agreed in advance.

1.4  We only accept cash or bank transfers for payment of the balance for any party or event. If you wish to pay by card, you need to advise us in advance and a PayPal invoice will be sent. This carries a 3.9% surcharge which is the actual cost to us.

1.5  Where a party or event is booked within 10 days of the actual date, payment may only be made by bank transfer or cash. Should you wish to pay in full by card, we will send you a PayPal invoice but it carries a 3.9% surcharge which is the actual cost to us.


2. Cancellation Policy

2.1  If you cancel a party or event more than 2 calendar months ahead of the agreed date, we will refund the payment in full less a £10 admin charge but the refund will take up to 28-days.

2.2  If you cancel a party or event within 1-2 calendar months of the event, we will refund 50% (half) of the payment received if already paid in full.

2.3  If you cancel a party or event within a calendar month of the agreed date, full payment of the outstanding balance becomes payable unless we are able to re-book the slot(s) to another customer.

2.4  By completing and returning the booking form, you agree to the terms and conditions on this page

2.5  Should a party or event be cancelled by us, only monies already paid will be refunded so long as the reason is not related to a problem at the customers end such as: -

2.5.1  Change of venue

2.5.2  Change to agreed working hours

2.5.3  No power provided

2.5.4  Unsuitable covering for external events

2.5.5  Undisclosed hazard at customers premises


3. Changing the date of a party already booked

3.1 If you need to change the date of a party more than a calendar month before the party, we are happy to do this at no cost.

3.2 If you need to change the date of the party less than 28 days before the party, there is a charge of £50 as we will normally lose the original slot. If you do wish to do this, you must pay the £50 charge before we will confirm the new slot. This does not apply if the rearranged date is Mon-Thu or a weekend slot less than 7-days away.


4. Adverse Weather

4.1 Our staff will be on site for any party/event irrespective of the weather so that we are prepared to run the party as agreed on the booking form. 

4.2 Unless there is no public transport and main roads are impassable, we will not agree to cancel/postpone any party or event unless you agree to re-schedule it for mid-week or a late notice weekend slot. Late notice is considered to be 7-10 days before the date. 

4.3 Northwood Hills Metropolitan Line tube station 200m away so this is a possible alternative way to travel to us if roads are bad and services are operating normally. The TFL website will indicate this and even when there is no service, bus replacement services do run. 

4.4 In the event that you do not arrive or cancel the party, the balance is still payable but we will then re-schedule it for an after-school or late notice vacant slot - this way neither party loses out. 

4.5 The party will still operate even if only a small number of people turn up (they get more racing!) and the full balance then remains payable. Where a 2.5-hour party has been booked, if the number falls below 15 then we will happily reduce the party to 2-hours and thus reduce the cost by the appropriate amount. This relates to bad weather only.

4.6 If you ask us to re-schedule the party for a weekend slot and one is available, we must receive full payment of the balance owed by Paypal at the time the original party if cancelled and always before we re-scheduled the date of the party. We will send you a PayPal invoice and on receipt of the payment notification, we will send you a new date confirmation e-mail. New weekend dates are subject to availability as parties are booked up to 6 months in advance.